Happy Mothers Day – Who are you?

I write this with a heavy heart this morning.

I worked so hard last week to try to gain enough time to spend Mothers day with my children.  I stayed late every night to make sure all my marking was done.  I can’t think of a time in the last 3 years when I have been able to go home and honestly say that all my marking was done before a weekend.  But this weekend is special.  This weekend is Mothers Day and I wanted to have some time to spend with my three children.  So I marked and I marked and I marked.  

What I didn’t account for however, is that my children seem to have forgotten who I am.  

My husband has taken my daughter to see Grandma.  She says she can’t come out with me because she won’t have time to do her homework.  My eldest briefly said Happy Mothers Day, but scurried back to his xbox.  My middle child hasn’t come down stairs and I’m sure he won’t have even noticed that it is Mothers day.

So I am on my own, with a tear in my eye.  Writing this.  

Secret Teacher is right.  I’ve spent so much time working, my children don’t know who I am any more.  What is the point?


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