My Very First Blog Post

I’ve never sat down and tried to write a blog post before.  I have to admit that I have found it more difficult than I first expected.  I am not the type of person who usually runs out of things to say!  But putting these thoughts ‘on paper’ as it were, is actually quite hard.

I have found myself asking a lot of questions.

  • Why am I writing this blog?
  • Who am I writing it for?
  • If I write something that my school doesn’t agree with, will I get myself into hot water?
  • What if people don’t like what I write?
  •  Will it adversely impact on my students?

So; I have found myself reading other peoples blogs.  They must have reasons for writing them, beyond those of just wanting to get noticed.

What are these good reasons for writing a blog?

I have thought about this a lot.  I have read posts from @teachertoolkit, @debrakidd and @ellaswift and various other amazing people that I have started following on twitter.   By writing their blogs they have made a difference; to me, to other teachers and hopefully, to governmental policy.

I don’t think for a minute that I am capable of having the same impact or that I have the same skill; or even have such interesting things so say.   But I have come to the conclusion that whilst there is a risk that people won’t like what I have to say, there is the vague possibility that they will, and that I will find that I have a voice that can be heard.  (That reminds me of the Kings Speech)

I’m hoping that writing this may even make my home life better – by no longer forcing my husband to listen to my inane rantings and to focus on the issues that are really important to me.  I am sure that if they concern me enough to write them down, then I can’t be the only person who is worried about them…and you never know…I might even find solutions and ways to make things better. goes…my very first blog post.


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